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Product Performance

Paint systems
We develop and manufacture to required specifications and product properties:
  • Hydro-, solvent- and UV-hardened paints
  • Decorative paints in numerous colours and metallic finishes
  • Laser paints
  • UV-protective paints
  • Silk screen printing inks
Special: water-based paints
For environmental reasons, solvent-based paints are being increasingly replaced by those containing much less or even no organic solvents. We offer these alternatives for most of our range of paints.

Special: laser marking
In this technique, lasers are used to mark surfaces for special purposes. The high intensity laser beam skims of a predetermined amount of material from the surface in question; background lighting then renders the lasered symbols visible, even in different types of light (e.g. day and night). This is particularly useful in the motor car, telecommunication and consumer electronics industries. Our laser paints enable the most stringent requirements such as contour sharpness, temperature resistance and colour fastness of the deeper layers to be optimally achieved.
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Ernst Diegel GmbH
Ernst Diegel Str. 1 - 3
36304 Alsfeld
Tel. +49 6631 785-0
Fax +49 6631 785-770
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