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As of June 2007, the European Regulation (EC) 1907/2006 concerning
the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals
(REACH) entered into force.

Diegel is a producer of paints (preparations) which means that we are a
"Downstream User" in the REACH process. We have obtained a
statement from our suppliers that all raw materials have been pre-
registered. The next step is to ask our suppliers from time to time about
the state of the registration depending on the relevant registration phase
of the raw material. This procedure will keep the impact of REACH on the
availability of the products that we supply to you at minimum.

At the moment we are working on the items "Exposure Scenario" and
"Identified Use". For these objectives we use the descriptors for the paint
and lacquer industry proposed by CEFIC.

If there are any questions concerning REACH please contact us at reach-diegel@ferro.com

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