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Responsible for content:
Ernst Diegel GmbH
Ernst Diegel Str. 1
D-36304 Alsfeld
Tel. +49 6631 785-0
Fax +49 6631 785-770
E-Mail info-diegel@ferro.com

Managing Directors:
Dr. Dieter Binder
Christoph Bauer
Andre Noppe
County Court Giessen HRB 5032
VAT No.: DE 811186907

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(1) Liability
Content of this website
Greatest care is taken to keep the information presented on this website complete and accurate. However, no guarantee is given for the information included being completely up-to-date, correct and complete. Those utilizing the content of the website do so at their own risk. Contributions linked to specific names represent the opinion of the author in question and need not correlate with that of the company.

Availability of the website
The company will do its best to make the information available on a continuous basis. However, interruptions in the service may occur. The company reserves the right to alter the content at any time or to cease publication.

External links
This website contains links to the websites of third parties (external links). Such external links lie within the full responsibility of these parties. In initially establishing these external links, the company performed an initial check to ensure that no legal infringements were contained. At that point in time, no such infringements were found. However, the company has no influence whatsoever on the current or future content of these links. The fact that the company has included such external links does not mean that it agrees with the content. The company cannot possibly continuously control these external links for infringements and is totally reliant on relevant information from other sources. However, should such information prove to be true, the appropriate links will be immediately deleted.

The author of advertising texts is fully responsible for the content of such texts and in addition responsible for the content of the websites for which advertising is carried out. Regarding such advertising, the company does not necessarily accept content or design.

Contractual binding
Utilizing this website involves no contractual binding between user and company. In so far, no contractual or quasi-contractual binding can be claimed against the company.

(2) Copyright
Information published on this website is subject to German copyright law. Use of such material may only be made with the express prior written permission of the company or its legal representative. This applies in particular to copying, processing, storing, translating or transferring to data bases or other electronic media or systems. Such content and the rights of third parties are designated as such. Unallowed copying or further transmission of individual content or complete pages is not permitted and is indictable. Only the copying and downloading of content for personal, private, non-commercial use is allowed. Links to the website are always welcome and need not be approved by the company in advance. However, this website may only be shown on other websites with the express permission of the company.

(3) Data protection
Visits to this website may involve storage of certain data (date, time, website involved) on the server. These are not personal data and are stored in anonymous form. They are used solely for statistical purposes. They are not transferred to third parties for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The company specifically indicates that data transfer via Internet (e.g. communication by e-mail) involves some safety risk as far as access by third parties is concerned. The use of contact data for commercial purposes taken from the masthead is also only allowed subsequent to written approval by the company or providing a business association already exists. The company and all persons named by the company on the website hereby object to any commercial use or onward transmission of their data.

(4) Applicable law
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany is exclusively valid for any matters concerning this website.

(5) Special conditions of use*
Should special conditions apply to individual parts of this website and should these deviate from points (1) to (4) above, this will be specifically designated. In such cases, the special conditions will be applicable.
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Ernst Diegel GmbH
Ernst Diegel Str. 1 - 3
36304 Alsfeld
Tel. +49 6631 785-0
Fax +49 6631 785-770
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